Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! 2012 Recipe Roundup

Happy New Year, everyone!  It's crazy that we're starting a new year once again; the arrival of a new year always seems to arrive sooner than I expect it!  2012 was full of great moments, not to mention great recipes! Here's to a great new year full of happy surprises, laughter, and good eats.  Below, I'm sharing what I consider to be my favorite recipes for each month of 2012 (although technically, some months have two recipes because it was too hard to pick only one!). 


Belgian Waffles- Waffles always make me feel incredibly nostalgic.  I grew up eating them for breakfast everyday before school, and even though they were frozen, I loved them!  These Belgian waffles are definitely a couple steps above frozen waffles!


Chocolate Crepe Cake- I can't think of a better way to say I love you than with this amazing dessert!  The best part is that it's also incredibly simple to put together! 

Cherry Coke Float Cupcakes- I loved the way these retro-inspired cupcakes came out, and they had such an interesting flavor.  The combination of whipped cream, cherries, and Coke was perfect!


Chocolate Stout Cake- This is without a doubt one of my favorite chocolate cakes.  This cake is simply too good for words.  The combination of the rich ganache and slight stout flavor makes for an amazing cake. 

Chocolate Glazed Birthday Doughnuts- I made these doughnuts as part of a request from my sister for her birthday, and they turned out better than I could have ever expected.  Who knew light and fluffy yeast doughnuts could be made so easily at home?!


Cheddar Jalapeño Scones- Now this is my kind of scone.  I love scones with fruit in them, but nothing beats a scone that's loaded with cheddar cheese and has little bits of jalapeño heat in every bite.  


Hummingbird Cupcakes- While I still have no idea why this is a traditional cupcake for Mother's Day, this cupcake is nevertheless one of my new favorites.  It's fruity and nutty at the same time, and not to mention simply beautiful when paired with a light swirl of cream cheese frosting and a delicate pineapple flower.  I love these!


Summer Strawberry Buttermilk Cake- This is the ultimate summer cake.  It takes minutes to whip up, and can be made with a wide variety of fruits.  There's no crazy ingredients in this cake, so you can have a delicious cake for snacking on at any time!

Blueberry Pie- This was one of my favorite pies that I've ever made!  I've recently been on a pie-making kick, and I think it all started with this blueberry pie.  It got rave reviews, and I couldn't agree with them more.  I mean, what's not to love about flaky, buttery crust and a delicious fresh blueberry filling?


Mimi's Arroz con Leche- This is one of the most special recipes I've shared so far.  Making this arroz con leche not only gives me a delicious option for dessert, but helps me to remember one of the most special people in my life, my grandma Mimi.  


Rocky Road Ice Cream- This is undeniably my favorite ice cream that I've made.  Ever.  Seriously, this chocolate ice cream is just magical. 


Peanut Butter, Jelly, & Cocoa Thumbprint Cookies- This cookie combines favorite childhood flavors into a perfectly sized snack that's great for school lunch boxes or having with a  tall glass of milk at home. 


Devilish Devil's Food Cupcakes- This cupcake was my attempt at creating a subtle Halloween-inspired treat.  I absolutely loved the way they came out. They certainly are devilish, not to mention, completely delicious!

Snickers and Pretzel Milkshake- This was another Halloween-inspired dessert, and oh boy, was it good.  This milkshake will work with any type of leftover Halloween chocolates and ice cream, so the possibilities are endless!


Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart- If you're in need of an impressive, rich, delicious, and easy dessert to prepare, then look no further.  This tart is all you need!


Chocolate-Raspberry Rugelach- These rugelach cookies are perfect for afternoon tea time, or for adding them to a festive cookie platter.  They're dainty and elegant, and one of my new favorite cookie recipes!

Pretty Pink Ombre Surprise Cake- This is my most recent post, and it's one that I had been wanting to make for so long.  This ombre cake is visually striking, and is the perfect vanilla cake.  I love it!

Happy New Year, everyone!  Thank you so much for reading, following, commenting, and baking along with me.  2012 was full of amazing memories, and I am so excited to see what 2013 will bring.  It'll be an exciting journey, one which I hope you will take with me!


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