Thursday, August 22, 2013

Birthday Circus Cake

Alright, here it is!  A quick little post of mostly pictures of this past Sunday's adorable little circus cake.  My cousin's baby girl turned one yesterday, and they celebrated with a circus-themed birthday party over the weekend.  The party was great, and everyone loved how the cake turned out.  My sister gets a lot of the credit for how great this cake turned out; she made all the little fondant circus animals and clown, and all the flat clowns for the cupcakes.  My mom made and assembled the whole cake, and she was the one that came up with the great (and delicious) idea to use caramel corn as a border for the bottom of the cake.  It was the perfect sweet and crunchy way to finish off the cake!  As for me, I had the task of making, frosting, and assembling the cupcakes.  I'm not much of a fancy cake decorator myself; I love bakery style cakes covered in frosting and sprinkles, and to be perfectly honest, I just don't really have the patience for it.  I do however, love seeing what my mom and my sister can come up with together.  I think this might be one of my favorite cakes that they've made together!

Little fondant lion

Little fondant elephant

This clown is so cute!!!

Baby monkey...this was definitely my favorite!

Little fondant sea-lion


The cake was a major success!


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