Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Buffalo Chicken Empanadas for the Make and Takes Blog!

Hello everyone!  This is literally the latest I've ever published a blog post, but believe me.  I've had a super, super, super long day.  Today I started a new freelance position, and of course, with my luck, my first day just had to be the day right after a huge snowstorm hit Long Island.  Sigh.  I was so stressed the night before just trying to think about how the hell I was going to make it to work on time that I completely forgot to write this post in advance and schedule it to publish automatically (I actually realized I had forgotten to do so while I was standing on the train in the morning, and I got really upset at myself).  Then, after a super, super, super long day at the office, my brain just stopped working and I got on the wrong train, and ended up going downtown into Brooklyn instead of uptown towards Manhattan.  Now, I love Brooklyn, but it was literally the last place I wanted to be tonight.  I just wanted to be home already!  After a very extended commute home due to weather complications that messed up all the trains heading to Long Island, I finally made it home.  It's 10:30 PM, and I've just finished dinner.  I'm about to just put on my comfiest sweats, curl up in bed, and fall asleep to the sound of terrible reality television, and hope that tomorrow goes just a little more smoothly.  In the meantime though, here's those empanadas I promised you guys yesterday afternoon.  There was no way I was going to fail on my promise!

With the Super Bowl coming up in just a few days, I thought it was high time that we make some awesome snacks!  I have a few more yummy goodies to share with you guys in preparation for the big game, and these empanadas are the first.  I'm hoping a few of you guessed they were going to have a buffalo chicken filling, due to the celery sticks and blue cheese dressing in my Instagram pic, but if not, here's a formal announcement:  I MADE BUFFALO CHICKEN EMPANADAS GUYS, AND THEY WERE AWESOME.  

And with that, please head on over to the Make and Takes blog, where you'll get the full recipe instructions and more pics!  


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