Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Best Ever Granola for the Make and Takes Blog!

I hope everyone had a great Easter holiday!  Now that spring is really underway (thank goodness!), I've focused my attention on other lovely spring occasions to come, with Mother's Day being the first of them!  Not only do I love getting to do something special for my mama, but it's also an opportunity to host my favorite kind of celebratory meal...brunch!  My love affair with brunch and breakfast has been proclaimed many times on the blog already, and here I am doing it again.  For Mother's Day, I wanted to make something that was light, quick to prepare, and exceptionally delicious.  My mom has been on a Greek yogurt kick lately, so the perfect complement to Greek yogurt is of course, homemade granola.  Layer that homemade granola with some delicious Greek yogurt and fresh fruit, and you have some delicious and beautiful parfaits.  

This granola recipe is so incredibly simple to make, and boy is it delicious.  It's without a doubt my new favorite granola recipe, and I'm sure I'll be making big batches of it from now on to have on hand.  My mom loved this granola and its unique sweet and salty flavor.  It was incredibly easy to prepare, which makes it a perfect option for a large celebratory brunch or for a more intimate brunch with just you and your mama.  For the full recipe and more photos, head on over to the Make and Takes blog!


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