Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mini Berry Flag Tarts for the Make and Takes Blog!

Can you believe that we're at the end of June already!? I can't.  I'm in denial that we've already reached the end of the first month of summer.  Sure, there're two months left, but that seems like such a short amount of time, considering that there's all kinds of summery activities that I still need to do.  I still need to get my hands on a Mister Softee cone, an Italian ice from Ralphs, a burger from All American, and a Long Island lobster roll.  I can't let summer get by without these four things escaping from me (there's more, obviously, but these are my priority). While I'm still going to have to come to terms with the fact that it's practically July, I'm actually really excited about Independence Day next week.  A holiday that celebrates cookouts and barbecues and berry desserts and has fireworks at the end is my kind of holiday!  

I have a few themed desserts for the Fourth in mind, but I'm starting out with something super simple.  Having intricate desserts is nice and all, but sometimes, we just need something we can put together fast, with minimal effort and without needing to heat up our kitchens.  These mini berry tartlets do just that.  Little mini phyllo shells are filled with a delicious white chocolate filling and topped off with fresh berries.  They're incredibly simple to make, and when arranged in our iconic stars and stripes, are the perfect dessert for the Fourth of July (or, if you're a World Cup fan, for tomorrow's game- USA! USA!).  Head on over to the Make and Takes blog for the full recipe and more photos.  Enjoy, and happy summer!


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