Monday, January 26, 2015

Strawberry Grapefruit and Pomegranate Smoothie

I've reached the point where I just can't wait for winter to end. I know there's still a long way to go until spring arrives, and I'm not asking for warmer weather necessarily. I just want a little more sunshine in my life and some vibrant flavors to accompany it. I've got the wintertime blues, and they're hitting me hard.

My blues were only made worse by the fact that I had a horrible cold during my three-day weekend. Instead of relaxing and having fun in my extra day off, I spent my time buried in tissues and counting down the minutes until I could breathe through my nose again. Talk about timing! I felt that my body needed something fresh in its system in order to feel a little better, and there was no better way to do so than with a healing smoothie. I blended up a fruity concoction and while it didn't cure my cold, it definitely made me feel a whole lot better for a few minutes. It was just what I needed.

I decided to remake my smoothie over the weekend, just to get that happy feeling back. For me, a smoothie needs strawberries (they're my favorite!) and fortunately, Driscoll's has beautiful strawberries all year long, even in the dead of winter. To go with the strawberries, I added some pomegranate juice and fresh grapefruit, to take advantage of the winter fruits that make the season bearable. A few ice cubes and some sweetener (I used liquid stevia), and a quick whirl in my blender later, I had a beautiful ruby red smoothie, ready for drinking. 

This smoothie is one that I think I'll make again and again, even in spring and summer when my wintertime blues are just a thing of the past. I was a little nervous about including the grapefruit, because it can have a strong flavor, but the strawberry and pomegranate complement it nicely, so the grapefruit isn't overpowering at all. The smoothie can be as sweet as you want it to be, just add the sweetener to your liking. I didn't think it needed very much, because the strawberries were actually sweet enough on their own, and I liked the slight tang from the pomegranate and grapefruit juices. Whether you're in need of a quick and easy cold remedy, a healthy addition to your morning breakfast, or a happy little pick me up, this smoothie will definitely do the trick. Enjoy! 

Strawberry Pomegranate Grapefruit Smoothie


2 cups strawberries, hulled and quartered
1 cup pomegranate juice
1/2 large ruby red grapefruit, segmented and cut
Ice cubes
Sweetener to taste (honey, agave, or stevia)


Combine all the ingredients except the sweetener in a blender, blend until smooth and frothy. Taste the smoothie and add sweetener to your liking; blend again to incorporate. Serve immediately. 

Makes 2 smoothies


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